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Welcome to our culinary haven,
where taste meets sustainability!

From oven to table, our recipes not only tantalize your taste buds but also highlight the versatility and eco-friendliness of aluminium, a material that perfectly complements our commitment to delicious creations and a greener planet.

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Why choose Hulamin Containers?

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Flash Freezing Compatible

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Film sealing compatible

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Conventional oven, grill and microwave friendly

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We can print your branding

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Variety of shapes and sizes

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Rigid when hot

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Leak-proof & sealable.
Fold-over closures are offered.

Supplying Premium Aluminum
Containers to Industry Leaders

We proudly collaborate with industry leaders spanning aviation, bakery, food, catering, and BBQ sectors, delivering top-notch aluminum containers to elevate esteemed establishments.

What our customers say

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I would hereby like to commend the Western Cape Hulamin team for their outstanding service which we have received over the last 3 years. The proactiveness and the desire to go the extra mile is phenomenal. Generally, we do not applaud our suppliers, but in this case an exception is undoubtedly warranted.

In particular I would like to thank Lorinda and Simone for their continuous superb service levels and transparency and the tenacious way in which they are always able to pull a rabbit out of the hat at a minute's notice. May our business relationship grow from strength to strength.

Food Manufacturer
Testimonials Portrait Image

We had the privilege of partnering with Hulamin Containers for years, and we couldn't be more pleased to sing their praises. Hulamin's unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch rolled aluminum products for precision and high-tech applications has consistently exceeded our expectations.

Their dedication to quality, innovation, and reliability is truly commendable. As distributors, we have witnessed firsthand how Hulamin supplies a significant proportion of the world's ultra high-end aluminum products, solidifying their reputation as an industry leader. We are excited about their new website launch, which will undoubtedly showcase their excellence to the world. It's an honor to work with such a distinguished company, and we look forward to many more years of successful collaboration

Food Distributor
Testimonials Portrait Image

As a long-time foil container user, I have a great pleasure in recommending Hulamin Container as a supplier for anybody or any organization looking for good-quality products and reliable service. I believe that this is the best container supplier in the country. I was introduced to Hulamin six years ago, and since then we have grown our relationship to the point where they know what I expect from them.

They have a deep understanding of supply chain management, and they supply me with the right stock at the right time with the best quality all the time. This organization has never hesitated to go extra mile to keep me as a customer happy. On one occasion, I requested an urgent delivery and the Hulamin dispatch manager willingly volunteered without any hesitation to deliver stock late in the afternoon in his bakkie. This shows the level of dedication the organization has when it comes to customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend Hulamin to any of my customers.

Food Manufacturer